Thursday, February 14, 2008

All the Ladies - Throw Your Hands Up in the Air!

I get the Daily Candy -- San Francisco in my inbox every morning. According to the media kit, that makes me one of 2.3 million smart, stylish, affluent women who rely on the Daily Candy to find out about what's next, new and hip in my community. The DC tells me about the latest trendy boutique, the hottest new restaurants, hips me to travel deals. The weekend edition tells me about cool events happening in the city. Let's be clear, the jury is out on my smarts and my style, and I definitely am not affluent, but I love this newsletter just the same.

A media kit, for those new to the advertising game, is a handy document that describes the type of audience the publication attracts, as well as the types of advertising products and, typically, the rates charged (curiously, the DC media kit does not include a rate card. You will have to talk to a sales rep to figure out the cost to advertise.) Did you realize that our beloved recruiting rag, ERE, sells media? Check out this fine example of a media kit.

So what do five-star restaurants and handbags have to do with recruiting? Anyone can purchase space on one of the Daily Candy e-mails (The DC also publishes editions in a number of other hip places, including New York, Seattle, and Chicago) or the DC website. You can also rent the DC mailing list (or a subset of the list) to send your own targeted message. Need to increase gender diversity in your candidate pool? Targeting a specific geography? Looking to reach 30-somethings or creative types? Place an ad in Daily Candy. As an employer, you will be the among the first to leverage this channel. Results can be measured. Your approach refined.
E-mail placement is one of those new media tools often overlooked by recruiter/marketers. Combined with clever contact capture software, e-mail placement can be very effective. Depending on the property, the advertising can be micro- or macro- targeted; e-mail newsletters exist for just about every industry and every function imaginable. Way back when I recruited recruiters, I reached about 5000 recruiters with a Monday mailing that went to ERE subscribers. By Wednesday I had more leads than I could possibly ever need. By Friday my hiring managers were hugging me in the hallway. And that's what we need in recruiting -- more hugs.

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