Monday, June 30, 2008

SearchMonkey for Recruiters

Maybe it's just the name, but I love SearchMonkey! Maybe it's the logo:

What is SearchMonkey? Here is the official explanation from the Yahoo Developer Network:
But basically, it makes search better. For example, if I add the LinkedIn SearchMonkey, and search for a colleague (using Yahoo), I get search results that included enhanced LinkedIn info:

You only get these results if you use Y! search. There are other applications as well. I love Wikipedia. So my Y! search results include the Wikipedia table of contents when available:

These represent a small sampling of the SearchMonkeys available. There is a whole (beta) gallery of SearchMonkeys. And because it's on an open platform, any developer can create new SearchMonkeys. Did I mention that I am working with the chief SearchMonkey to develop other recruiting-related SearchMonkeys?
Disclaimer: Forgive me for drinking a big ol' cup of kool-aid today!

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