Wednesday, July 30, 2008

C'mon People, Get Creative!

Check out this blog post written by Simone Brunozzi, a 30-year old guy from Italy. Simone chronicles his journey to find his "dream job" by attending a job fair in Second Life.

You remember Second Life? A year ago, it was the hippest new social medium for recruiters. Then we logged in. It was too weird. Too hard. After spending an hour or two creating a kooky avatar and mastering that "walk, walk, fly" thing, we wrote it off as a fad.

Except for "Jenny", an industrious recruiter at Amazon. She didn't give up. She met Simone at the Luxembourg Virtual Job Fair, conducted a virtual interview, introduced Simone to a hiring manager and the rest is history. Go Jenny! You are a rock star.
I was struck by the comments that follow Simone's blog post. There are so many folks out there looking for dream jobs. They just don't know how to find them. Sharks, I challenge you to find your next candidate in an unusual place. Take a lesson from "Jenny" the awesome recruiter at Amazon!


  1. Great post. I also just blogged on this on my blog,, and agree that Simone's experience is a great lesson for others.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Thanks, Sharkie! We were really fortunate to find Simone!