Monday, September 15, 2008

It's My Blog and I'll Rant if I Want To (warning: political content)

Laurie Reuttiman, the voice of Punk Rock HR, blog-tagged me last week. This means that I’m supposed to tell you six random things about myself and then assign this task to six more bloggers. But I have been too frustrated to take on this lighthearted task. I cannot contain my rage that Governor Sarah Palin, of all the potential Republican candidates, was picked to be Senator McCain's running mate. Clearly, she was not the best candidate. So far, Senator McCain has proven himself to be a horrible recruiter. What's more, Governor Palin, it appears, is a horrible hiring manager as well.

Sharks, if you have been in this business for any length of time, you have encountered hiring managers who insist on hiring unqualified friends even when presented with superstar candidates. This practice, I believe, is the primary barrier to diversity in many organizations.

Governer Palin also tried to bully the town librarian into banning certain books. If you want to know something random about me, it's that I love books and I love to read; I am happiest curled up in my favorite chair with the latest Dave Eggers, which I highly recommend. Banning books, to me, is tantamount to torturing helpless animals (really, I feel that strongly). The town librarian prevailed -- she was not fired, nor were any books actually banned, but that does not excuse Ms. Palin. It does remind me of one of my favorite movie scenes, from The Mummy, when Rachel Weitz saves the day and exclaims, "Librarians rule!" (Mind you, The Mummy is not my favorite film -- that honor goes to the The Godfather, Part II.)

A third random fact about me, and while we're on the subject of politics, I happened to see Senator Joe Lieberman on the streets of Seattle today. He was trying to hail a cab, it appears. How odd. How random.

A fourth random fact, which is occuring to me as I formulate a list of bloggers to tag, is that many of my friends and folks I respect hold opinions that are very different from mine. Polar opposite. I guess I seek conflict. Probably shoulda been a lawyer.

Number five is truly random. I love to read the Best of Craigslist every month. And this is my all-time favorite post. Seriously, I read this post and I cannot stop laughing for days. I don't understand it myself.

Lastly, I had a crush on Mario Guiterrez in third grade. There. I've said it. It's out there, for all the Blogsphere to read. I'm still blushing.

OK, fellow bloggers, I'm tagging you! Get personal. Get political. Get Sharky.

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  1. You took a chunk out Sarah Palin's thigh with that shark bite. Awesome.