Friday, September 05, 2008

Gadgets for your Employer Brand Toolkit

So my nephew, who will soon be four years old, recently got his first haircut. He is pretty excited about his new look. Yes, it's a stretch relating his haircut to recruiting, but I needed an excuse to put his picture on my blog, in the event that there are soccer scouts among the Peopleshark readership. That's some technique there, don't you think?

We all need to spruce up our image from time-to-time. Perhaps it's time to infuse a little excitement into your employer brand. Just for you, sharks, a few quick, cheap brand makeover tools:

Polish up your email signature. First, make sure your information is correct and up-to-date. Second, make sure that every single e-mail you send, including replies, ends with your signature. And third, make sure that html mails include a logo that links to your career website. Our new branding appears at the end of every email I send:

Create a suite of badges and banners for blogs, social networks and online advertising. You might have to get your marketing department, ad agency or graphics department to help you with this. If you have ready-made artwork that fit standard specs, you gain access to tons of virtual real estate -- sometimes free, sometimes paid, sometimes very cheap.

Ghostwrite a networking e-mail for your hiring managers. Make it short, sweet, branded and actionable. Your managers will love you for this. Send this email to your managers -- encouraging them to reach out to their networks -- every time you open a req.

Other ideas? Don't be shy! Share them with other sharks!

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