Sunday, March 01, 2009

Guerilla Blogging

Sharks, I am such a cliche. I am sitting in a Starbucks on a rainy Sunday afternoon blogging. But until a minute ago, I was not working on Peopleshark. I have created a new blog, called the Purple Cloud.

The Purple Cloud is what I call a guerilla blog. I created it in about 10 minutes. Last week, I was asked to help source for the Cloud Computing team, specifically looking for senior engineers or architects in the cloud storage space (know any? send them my way!)

In 10 minutes, I created the blog on Blogger (yes, it's a Goog-- product, I know) and included the following elements:
  • Yahoo Pingbox, so that candidates can reach me via IM at their convenience
  • A "Share This" button so that visitors can post or email blog postings to other social networks
  • A corresponding Twitter Account and Twitterstream
  • A Blogroll of other related blogs (so far, only 2 blogs, including Peopleshark)

I will host this guerilla blog for as long as I am working on the project. It's not meant to be long-term, just a place to provide content for potential candidates. It was easy to put up, and will be easy to take down when my focus changes. These days, you gotta be nimble! Agile! Float like a butterfly...


  1. I wonder how many HR folks really understand the impact of the cloud and what it will mean to businesses, costs, candidates, and the way we work?

  2. Sorry, I cannot understand why you needed a new blog for this project. Why couldn't you just use your established blog for recruiting purposes? Your brand is already established, your audience will work on your behalf.

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