Friday, June 26, 2009

Remember the Time

Fifteen years ago the country was paralyzed by images of a certain NFL running back driving like grandma on a freeway in LA. I remember because my father passed away around this time and even through the haze of grief, I could not escape the media chatter.

Like many, I have had a love-hate relationship with MJ. Nothing, I am convinced, will ever be cooler than a single sequined glove. The man had his own style. His constantly changing profile, his dealings with underaged and undersized people creeped me out. He was my first crush.

So I am going to avoid CNN this weekend. The media chatter -- how he died, how much money he had, his lawyers, the coroner's report -- none of this is material. Here is what I know and care about: Michael Jackson made great music. He changed the music business. He will be missed by many around the world.

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