Friday, March 12, 2010

Something I Love More than Twitter!

Hello to all of my Shark, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing, Recruiting, Headhunting, and Staffing Friends! Heading to Sourcecon/ERE in San Diego? Then let's make sure we connect. Send me a shout out if you're going. Let's have coffee/glass of wine/dinner. Hell, I'll even get up early for breakfast! Stop by our booth (107) for a Tweetajob demo or to win a fabulous prize. Try to take me down at the #erepoker charity poker tournament. But don't leave San Diego without saying hello, at least! This may surprise you, but I love face-to-face conversations even more than Twitter!


  1. Hey there! See you there and will stop by tweetajob booth. I'm also ready to play some poker! and I am 100% with you...LOVE face to face always have--always will...


  2. I think twitter not for conversations