Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thanks, Indiana

Northwest Indiana SHRM Keynote
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I'd like to thank the great team at the Northwest Indiana SHRM chapter for the invitation to deliver a keynote at their annual meeting. I talked about the history and future of talent acquisition. The videos didn't work -- a bummer, because they were great videos. If you get a chance, check them out. Some of my favorite examples of employer branding.
A special thank you goes to Sharron Hillman, the VP of Programs, an incredibly gracious and welcoming new friend! She made sure that I got there and back in one piece.
I met some wonderful folks doing cool things. I learned that many organizations are still afraid of social media. I learned that many HR practitioners also wear recruiting hats (I wrongly assumed that all HR organizations had spun off their recruiting organizations. Many haven't. I live in a bubble.) I also learned that I am winging it, without a strategy. So I will spend the rest of the day deep diving into strategy.
Of course, being on the road brings adventure. Turns out that I arrived right in the middle of the Kitchen and Bath trade show, and there were no rental cars to be found, unless you were willing to rent from a guy with a "mobile office" and pick up a pretty filthy wreck at the McDonald's near the airport. For some unexplained reason, he was being followed by the cops. Um, OK. Turned out just fine. The guy was a small business owner, having his best week ever. I'm happy I was his customer. I hope the cops didn't catch him.

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