Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Sharkster Returns from Sharkville

So, turning 42 was not as traumatic as it could have been. Spent the weekend before in Las Vegas, the natural homing city of all types of Sharks, with a friend who was celebrating her 40th birthday, and felt totally superior. Oh yes, you will have feelings of remorse about all of the boyfriends you spurned, and how they may have turned out to be good husbands after all, but think, had you married Homer, you probably wouln't be able to splurge on a luxury mango scrub, an ice cream pedicure [where yes, there was ice cream on my feet and in my mouth], tickets to Tom Jones and a luxury suite at the Wynn. So 42, bring it on! Ok that sounded totally like a middle aged woman trying to use slang. Ah well.

This week filled with activity:

  • review time; I have to get those done. I have 8 folks on my team, all are very different, at different stages of their career. Most are high achievers/high performers, so the reviews will be more about how to keep them engaged vs. how to get them to improve performance. I am one of those managers who is very selfish about people -- I only want the very best on my team. But I am like a proud mother hen when they are successful and move on, or move up.
  • committees, strategy groups, reorgs, realignments, efficiency meetings
  • I am trying to be proactive and visible, so I have been collecting customer feedback by doing mid-day drive-bys
  • To satisfy my creative soul, I concocted a cocktail for the drink competition; I presented before the judging committee [this was serious business, they asked many questions, and I got nervous!]. Anxiously awaiting the results. Recipe will be published here later.
  • trying to plan my professional life -- I need a mission statement. Hopefully, I'll get to work on it this afternoon.

    Also I have created this totally cool new sourcing model. Still working on it, but it fits into my recruiting = marketing theories. More later.

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