Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So when I worked for the world's most awesome internet retailer, one of my favorite functions of the website was the wishlist. How ingenious, a virtual shopping cart that never goes away. The wishlist satisfies something in me, a part of me that longs for things I don't really need, the need to document my wishes, even if I never act on them. Will I really take the time to view all 37 Sister Wendy tapes [on VHS, no less]? Or is just the thought of having the possibility comforting to me. Sister Wendy is just the best, if you missed her the first time around on PBS. I have always suspected that she is even better after a few martinis.

I am thinking about wishlists because my boss asked me to create one. If I could have what I wanted, what would I ask for. This is an exercise in futility, of which I could take one of two approaches:
  1. Ask for small, inconsequential things I know he can deliver, making him feel smug and owed.
  2. Ask for big impact items I know that he can't deliver, but causing him to spend six months spinning his wheels and staying out of my hair, in the end feeling inadequate and ineffective.

I love me!

Seriously, if I could have what I wanted, in a work context, not in the I want to look like Tyra Banks context:
  • An Employee Referral Campaign that Works Effectively and Efficiently
  • Branding materials that help me execute small- and medium-scale sourcing campaigns
  • Hiring manager portal, where they can obtain recruiting info and forms, articles, etc.
  • Recruiter school!

Anyway, have to breeze off to get more coffee, more later.

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