Monday, September 18, 2006

Look Ma! I'm Famous!

Yes, I think LinkedIn is the bee's knees. I'm sure that's what came across during the 10-minute Friday-evening interview with the BusinessWeek writer anxious about an upcoming deadline. I did not, however, intend to come across like a LinkedIn infomercial hostess. I think LinkedIn, and other tools like it, can be an effective tool in a sourcer's arsenal when used appropriately. Some of my social networking rules for recruiters:

  • Don't abuse the system. Start with a small network of people you know, and grow your network carefully. I don't trust people [especially recruiters] who have thousands of contacts acquired through mass e-mailing. I don't connect to people with whom I have no earthly reason to connect.
  • Do link in with candidates, hiring managers, colleagues and leads.
  • Do write a personal e-mail when forwarding requests from connections to link with other connections. This small act strengthens your network.
  • Do offer an honest response when refusing to forward a request.
  • Do take the time to explain to others how social networking works. Often, candidates appreciate this help. Hiring managers are surprised by the wealth of information available.

Oh one more thing...busy planning next month's EMA meeting on Employer Branding. I had an interesting discussion with Mark Hornung, SVP Strategy at Bernard Hodes. His perspective on intergenerational recruiting is fascinating.

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