Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twittering Away the Time

I've been playing around with Twitter for a few days; Twitter is old news for the digital generation, new for an old school gal like me. Thinking about recruiting applications for microblogging. Wikipedia'd microblogging just to make sure I was using the term correctly:

Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually less than 200 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or the web.
The most popular service is called
Twitter, which was launched in July 2006 and won the Web Award in the blog category at the 2007 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas.[1] The main competitor to Twitter is Jaiku.
Recently, however, many new services, with the same feature of micro-blogging are being born.
Digg founder Kevin Rose, together with three other developers recently launched a service called Pownce, which integrates micro-blogging with file-sharing and event invitations.
The popular social networking websites
Facebook and MySpace also have a micro-blogging feature, called "status update".
In May, 2007, an article counted a total of 111 Twitter-like sites internationally.
Some thoughts about the application of Twitter in recruiting:
  • Using Twitter to communicate to conference attendees is a great application.
  • Using Twitter to update your university candidates and interns is another.
  • Searching for talent pools is another.
  • Competitive Intelligence. Potential is scary.
  • Updating a network of passive candidates
Somehow, Twitter makes the idea of SMS messaging less daunting. I'll continue to play around with this.

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