Thursday, May 08, 2008

Quarterly Dose of Recruiting Juice

Recovering from 2 days away from the office, spent at the CareerXroads Colloquium. Mark and Jerry have been hosting these events for years. I don't always have the opportunity to attend, but when I can get away, it's always worth the overflowing email inbox. In fact, at my last company, I included memebership in my offer letter (which, I understand is becoming a common practice). The Colloquium offers a safe venue to share, debate, critique and pontificate with other recruiting leaders.
I always walk away with at least several brilliant ideas -- the members are extremely generous, liberally sharing best practices, successes, lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid.
Many thanks to the fine recruiters at Agilent, makers of cutting edge Electrophoresis products as seen on CSI. They provided the hospitality this time around. An interesting, sharp bunch. Sharkbait!
Anyhoo, a gentle reminder to get out of the office every once in a while!

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